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Relax to the quiet tones of a Bach fugue, or be blown away by the best of rock 'n roll. Whatever your taste, the enjoyment of your music or home theatre system will depend on the quality of the installation. Vidi Vox offers the best equipment available and an in-house team of skilled installers to ensure an exceptional musical and cinematic experience right in your home.

We are first and foremost enthusiastic about music and creating a superb listening experience. Our team is skilled in a large variety of configurations, including DSTV and all types of music, home theatre and multiroom audio systems. We don't just deliver boxes, but advise clients and work closely with architects, builders and electricians to ensure a flawless installation.

Vidi Vox are agents for some of the most desirable high-end audio equipment available, starting with entry-level NAD and Rotel gear, through the range of affordable valve amplifiers from PrimaLuna, to exceptional products from companies such as Copland, Bryston, Vandersteen, Sugden and others. We also cater for the resurgence in vinyl records and specialize in professionally setting up turntables.

At Vidi Vox we take pride in our ability to design a home theatre system for every client, taking into account budget, performance, aesthetics and room acoustics. To accomplish this we offer a free site visit and assessment by one of our highly trained staff.

If you are serious about film or sound, talk to us first.

Vidivox is the sole distributor of Martin Logan and PrimaLuna for Southern Africa.

Our Mission Statement
To service our customers with professionalism and enthusiasm in the high-end audio visual market.
To offer our customers the widest possible range of quality products.
To treat our customers with the utmost respect and loyalty under all circumstances.


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